1569 Muster Roll for Abbots Bickington, Milton Damerel and Newton St Petrock

This brief extract is taken from the valuable work of Howard and Stoate who transcribed and explained the contents of the Devon muster rolls of 1569 which are found at TNA: SP 12/57.  Mustering involved the display and inspection of men and equipment. It was the obligation of every man to bear arms in home defence. In the early part of the reign of Elizabeth 1 there was a strong Spanish army established in the Netherlands which were a threat to England so on 26 March 1569 a directive was issued to hold a general muster of all men over the age of 16. Certificates of the muster were sent in and those for our three parishes of interest are listed here.

Abbottsbickington Parrishe

Presenters sworen:   Richard Langdon    Mathew Mongey    William Beaple

Who do presente as bifforsaid

Mathew Mongy   Goods worth 10-20 pounds + 1 harquebut, 1 murrion

Richard Langdon  Goods worth 10-20 pounds

William Beaple  Goods worth 10-20 pounds

The inhabitants not particularly chardged etc are acessed to fynde and maynteyne etc one harquebut, one stele cappe

The names of all the habell menne within the said parishe of Abbotts Bickington mustered etc


Simon Mongey

Richard Mongey

Walter Blynche

Mathew Mongey

William Heard

Walter Heard

Milton Parrishe  (Milton Damarel)

Presenters sworen:   William Mage    Robert Corner

Who do presente as bifforsaide

Anthony Gifford  Income from land is 10-20 pounds

Mary Barrye  Goods worth 10-20 pounds

Robert Corner  Goods worth 10-20 pounds

John Sawnder  Goods worth 10-20 pounds

William Mage  Goods worth 10-20 pounds

The Inhanitants not particularly chardged by the Statute etc are acessed to fynde etc one caliver, one murrion

The names of all the habell menne within the saide parishe of Milton mustered as biffore etc

Anthony Gifford, gent.


John Gifford

Walter Frye

John Heard

George Palmer

Leonard Pope

Henry Geaton


John Cole

John Stubes

William Hooper

Thomas Worthen


Walter Skynner

John Browne


Philip Lippincott

Ambrose Ellacot

Christopher Allyn

Richard Kente

John Pee

John Drewe

Thomas Mocke

William Hesworthye

John Sawnder

William Leman

Roger Lorymer

Newton Pathericke Parishe  (Newton St Petrock)

Presenters sworen:   Alexander Trycks    John Buckpitte    John Hopper

Who do presente as bifforesaide

Richard deane  1 almen rivet, 1 bow, 1 sheaf of arrows, 1 steel cap, 1 murrion, 2 harqubut, 1 corslet

Alexander Triggs  Goods worth 10-20 pounds + 1 harquebut

John Thorne  Goods worth 10-20 pounds + 1 harquebut

Stephen Hogge  4 bows, 4 sheafs of arrows, 1 steel cap, 1 bill

The Inhanitants not particularlye chardged by the Statute are acessed to fynde and have etc one corslet, one pike, one caliver, one murrion

The names of all the habell menne within the said parishe of Newton Patheryck


Nicholas Burdon

Alexander Denford


John Buckpitt

John the Miller

Thomas Hogge

John Hooper


John Bodman

John Hogge

Edward Parnacot

John Stenlake

David Fulford

Robert Averye

[It is interesting to note  that we have a name which has not yet become hereditary: John the miller.  The names Sawnder, Fulford and Avery were still found in these parishes in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many of the other names listed are now unfamiliar.]


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