1581 Subsidy for Abbots Bickington, Milton Damerel and Newton St Petrock

Taxpayers paid 1 shilling in the pound on goods and 1 shilling 4 pence in the pound on land.

Abbottes Bickenton Parish Assessment in Pounds

Mathew Monioye, Goods 7 pounds

Baldwin Barnhouse, Goods 5 pounds

John Hearde, Goods 4 pounds

Mylton Damerell Parish Assessment in Pounds

Anthony Gyfford, gent, Land 5 pounds

William Madge. Goods 7 pounds

Richard Visheley, Goods 5 pounds

John Saunder, Goods 5 pounds

Robert Langdon, Goods 3 pounds

William Cramberie, Goods 3 pounds

Walter Frie, Goods 4 pounds

Richard Leonard, Goods 3 pounds

Henry Geaton, Goods 4 pounds

Nicholas Worthen, Goods 3 pounds

Joan Crappe, wid, Goods 3 pounds

Henry Combe, Goods 3 pounds

Robert Litlejohn, Land 1 pound

Newton Petrocc Parish Assessment in Pounds

Margery Deane, wid, Land 3 pounds

Roger Deane, gent, Land 7 pounds

Alexander Trigges, Goods 20 pounds

Walter Bridgeman, Land 4 pounds

John Buckpitte, Goods 10 pounds

John Thorne, Goods 7 pounds

Agnes Hogge, wid, Goods 9 pounds

John Bodman, Goods 6 pounds

Simon Mongey, Land 3 pounds

William Stenlake, Goods 4 pounds

David Fulforde, Goods 4 pounds

William Cornwall, Goods 5 pounds

Walter Souche, Goods 3 pounds

Richard Bagbeare, Goods 3 pounds

Roger Prower, Goods 3 pounds


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