1613 Milton Damerel Rate for the repation of the Church

Here are the names of the forty-six ratepayers (c1613), in alphabetical order by surname, with the amounts they were assessed:

Arscott, Edmund Esq.      5s  0d

Barry, Tristram gen.      16d

Bartlett, Robert     6d

Baylye, Jo:     16d

Best, Jo:     0 ob

Bligh, Robert     16d

Braddon, Humphry     4d

Bragge, Roger     16d

Browne, Symon     10d

Burrowe, Richard     10d

Canne, Richard     20d

Cole, Jo:     6d

Cole, Lawrence     12d

Collyns, Jo:     8d

Clyvordon, Danyell     20d

Davell, Jo: & Chapman, Jo:     16d

Davy, Dygory     12d

Dene, Richard Esq.     16d

Dene, Thomas, Olke     3s  4d

Dennys, Jo:     16d

Drew, Thomas     12d

Fishly, Leonard     16d

Geaton, William     20d

Gerne, Robert     16d

Gifford, Emanuell gen.     16d

Hinkson, Thomas Esq,     4s  0d

Hobs, Abraham     13d

Hobs, Anthony     8d ob

Kerslake, Jo:     1d ob

Langdon, Humphry     16d

Lake, Walter     10d

Litlejohn, Abraham     16d

Litlejohn, Jo:     20d

Parsons, Jo:     2s  4d

Pausse, Thomas     16d

Pausse, Thomas for Easter Waldon     8d

Pethericke, Paule     8d

Pote, Thomas     6d

Rattenbury, William     12d

Shapton, Christopher     22d

Shapton, Christopher for Weadon     16d

Souch, Robert     2d

Southcott, Mrs. Margery     2d

Townsend, Dorothy vid.     2s  6d  ob

Vigurs, Ananyas     2s  6d

Wringe, Roger     12d


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