1629 Rate for Repayring the Church

Mylton Damrell 3rd July 1629

A Rate for repayrings and maytayninge the Church proportionately raysed & taxed out of every severall Tenement within the said parish made and agreed of by Tobias Bligh, churchwarden, Thomad Bradford Rector, Ananias Vigures, together with consent & approbation of the major & substantially Inhabitants there.

Edmund Arscott Esqr p Gitcott     6s  0d

Richard Dene Esq p Wollond     1s  6d

Thomas Hinson Esq p Durworthy     4s  6d

Margery Southcott, vid.     3d  ob

Jo: Bayly p Gidcott     9d

Jo: Littlejohn p ten pp terr 10d & p ten in lease 8d     1s 6d

Trystram Barry, gen     1s 2d ob

Jo: Collyns     6d

John Dennys     1s 2d ob

p Ketabeere     3d

Danyell Clyverdon     1s 6d

Hum: Braddon p old wodford     4d

Richard Can p worthen     1s 4d ob

Wm Genton p wodford      1s 4d ob

p Ley     1s 0d ob

Dygory Davy     9d ob

Dor: Townsend p Whitebeare     1s 2d

p Cooks pke     8d ob

Tho: Drewe     6d

Wm Rattenbury     6d

Robert Bartlett     3d

Roger Pringe     7d

Christopher Shapton p Whitebeare     1s 0d ob

West Paddon     1s 8d

Humpery Langdon     1s 1d ob

Emanuell Gifford, gen p Larmiyes ten     11d

Ab: Hobs p Mylton towne     1s 0d ob

p parte ven downe     2d

Paul Pethericke     4d

Symon Browne     5d ob

Peter Ellyott     3d

Richard Burrowe     4d

Lawrence Cole     8d

Humphry Dene p wanford     1s 0d ob

p Mylton Myll     6d ob

p Norther livinge     11d

Antho: Hobs p North towne     4d

Hangledons & …meadowe     5d

p parte ven downe     2d

Jo: Best     2d

Robert Lake     6d

Walter Lake     7d

Eddye Kerslake     3d

Leonard Fishly     10d

Tobyas Bligh     10d

Robert Gerne     10d

Tho: Pausse p wanford     1s 0d ob

Easter Waldon     1s 0d ob

Jo: Parsons     2s 1d

Ab: Littlejohn     1s 6d

Roger Bragge     1s 6d

Jo: Dawells     9d

Jo: Chapmen     9d

Ananyas Vigurs p wanford     1s 6d

p higher Crosse     1s 6d

Tho: Pete p lower crosse     5d ob

Summa     2l 15s 4d ob

The names of such parishioners as have given Consent to the Confirmation of this within written Rate


Ric: Dene, Ananyas Vigurs, John Davelles, Leonard Fishleygh, Robt Bartlett, Peter Elliott, Humphry Langdon, Humphry Dene, Tristram Barry, Toby Bligh, churchwarden, Danyell Clyverdon, William Gentton, John Litlejohn, Anthony Hobs.


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