1641 Protestation Returns for Abbots Bickington, Bulkworthy, Milton Damerel and Newton St Petrock

“You will call together the Minister, the Constables, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of every Parish, and tender unto them that they will very speedily call together the Inhabitants of their several Parishes, both Householders and others, being of eighteen years of age and upwards, into one or more Places, according to the largeness of their Parishes, and to tender unto them the same Protestation, to be taken in their Presence, and to take their Names, both of those that do take it, and do refuse to take the same Protestation; and to return them to yourselves, at such time as you shall appoint; which the House desires may be so speedily, from them, to the Knights and Burgesses serving for that County before the…day of….; wherein the House desires your greatest care and Diligence, as a matter very much importing the Good both of the King and Kingdom; which being all I have i Command, I rest, ”  signed by The Speaker of the House of Commons.

Abbots Bickington

Burtch, John

Cleese, Humphrey

Eddie, John

Fray, Lewis

Fraye, Hugh

Fraye, John

Frye, Paul

Hardinge, John

Heawarde, George

Heawarde, John

Joanes, William

Vigures, Hugh sen.

Vigures, Hugh, jun.

Vigures, John

Whitelock, John


Humphrey Harding, Constable

John Hill, Churchwarden

Lewis Yealland, Overseer


Braye, Anthony

Downinge, Philip

Elliott, Diggory

Glidden, Richard

Glidden, Thomas

Howe, Richard

Kingdome, John

Neale, William

Norcott, John

Norcott, John jr.

Poynes, John

Saunder, Humphrey

Southco, Nicholas

Southco, William

Squere, John

Tucker, Ciprian

Tutchinge, Hugh

Wade, William

Witheridge, John

Philip Boteler, Curate

John Blake, Constable

John Brimscombe, Churchwarden

George Saunder, Overseer

Milton Damerel

Adams, William

Barry, Tristram gent

Barsill, Ralph

Bartlett, Anthony

Bartlett, Gamaliel

Bartlett, John

Bartlett, Thomas

Bayly, John

Best Humphrey

Best, John

Bligh, Christopher

Bligh, Gawen

Bligh, Tobias

Bowden, John

Bridgeman, John

Browne, Simon

Burrows, Richard

Clape, Thomas

Clapmon, John

Clyder, Daniel

Cole, John sen.

Cole, John jun.

Cole, Laurence

Cole, Timothy

Cole, William

Collyns, Stephen

Coome, John

Davells, Philip

Dene, Humphrey gent

Dent, John

Drewe, Thomas

Ellgott, Peter

Fishly, Leonard

Fry, Alexander

Frye, Henry

Frye, Thomas

Gerton, John

Gifford, Emmanuel

Glener, James

Glowen, John

Graton, Dene

Gyfford, Thomas

Head, Thomas

Hebb, James

Hobs, Abraham

Hobs, Arthur

Hobs, John

Hobs, John

Hoop, Peter

Hutchings, John

James, Isaac

Kerslake, Roger

Knight, John

Langden, Humphrey

Langdon, Augustine

Langdon, Christopher

Langdon, Richard

Langdon, Simon

Lemman, Jacob

Littlejohn, Abraham sen.

Littlejohn, Abraham jun.

Littlejohn, Anthony

Littlejohn, Gideon

Littlejohn, John

Littlejohn, William

Mylton, Andrew

Nicckle, Robert

Nott, John

Pathecuke, Paul

Pavells, John gent

Pooly, John

Rattenbury, William

Rendle, John

Rogers, Pascho

Sanders, Peter

Scott, John

Shapton, Christopher

Shapton, John

Thome, Matthew

Townsend, Roger

Townsend, Tristram

Vignes, Humphrey

Vignes, Thomas

Vaiden, James

Vanse, Thomas

Vanse, William

Welridge, Jethro

Westlake, Richard

Whats, Josias

Williams, Walter

Wringe, Roger


Thomas Bradford, Rector

Tobias Bligh, Constable

Abraham Hobs, Churchwarden

Thomas Vigurs, Overseer

Walter Williams, Overseer

William Rattenbury, Overseer

Newton St Petrock

Ball, William

Band, John

Best, Henry

Bodman, John

Bodman, Roger

Bridgman, Edmond

Bridgman, John

Browninge, George

Burnburye, John

Child, David

Cooper, John

Dene, Arthur

Dewye, Mortagh

Dodge, Williams

Downe, Henry

Fraze, John

Frye, Edmund

Frye, John

Geyton, Henry

Geyton, Richard

John, Griffye

Hammett, Benjamin

Hammett, William

Harris, Francis

Harris, William

Hayne, John

Hogge, Roger

Hogsed, Edward

Hutchyns, Giles

Huxtable, Abraham

Lake, Humphrey

Lake, Thomas

Larke, Samuel

Leach, Nicholas Esq

Legge, Robert

Martyn, Henry

Mongey, Emmanuel

Mongey, Richard

Mortcombe, Edward

Mortcombe, Ferdinand

Mortcombe, John

Pellowe, William

Pope, Robert

Potter, Thomas

Souch, Sosthenes

Summer, John

Thorne, John

Thorne, Richard

Tutson, John

Upright, Jonathan

Upright, Lewis

Vosse, Griffye

Walter, John

Williams, Robert

Yolland, James

Edward Heysed who has been missing from the parish for a fortnight also Robert Blachford and Alexander Beaman two old blind men have not taken the protestation

(The above names in the same hand, the following five are signatures)

John Potter, Rector

Ferdinand Morcombe, Constable

John Walter, churchwarden

Sosthenes Sanch, churchwarden

John Fraze, overseer


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