1648 Inventory of John Potter of Newton St Petrock

John Potter of Newton St Petrock, clerk

By George Browneing, gentleman, and John Meddon

2 January 1648/9

One tenement (being A Chattell) called Easthole to the value of 80 pounds;

All his Corne in Mowhay barnes and sackes and other where to the value

of 35 pounds, 6 shillings 6 pence; One mare two naggs praised at 13 pounds;

His sheepe to the value of 13 pounds 6 shillings 8 pence; Three pigges to the

value of 1 pound 11 shillings; Two kine 5 young bullockes & 2 calves 19 pounds;

His pulltry praised at 3 shillings; Husbandry stuffe aes Butt & wheeles & other

implementes to the value of 2 pounds 17 shillings; Saddels and gardinges 13 shillings;

Hay and reed to the value of 1 pound 12 shillings;

Table bordes formes & Joynt stooles & chares 2 pounds 7 shillings 6 pence; His

beddsteedes to the value of 2 pounds, 6 shillings 8 pence; 1 presse & trunkes chestes &

coffers 3 pounds 12 shillings 8 pence; Timber stuffe aes keeves tubbes barreles malt

huch trendle & other stuffe 3 pounds 9 shillings 8 pence; Bakon valued at 15 shillings;

Cheeses to the value of 6 shillings; All his pewter to the value of 1 pound 12 shillings;

His plate to the value of 2 pounds; Three Crockes valued at 1 pound 5 shillings; 4 brasse

pannes & other brasse stuffe 2 pounds 12 shillings;  Iron stuffe valued at 19 pounds 6

shillings; 4 pair of sheetes 1 pound 15 shillings; Fether bedds & bolsters and pilloes

7 pounds 4 shillings; His Coverlettes Blanketes Curtines and carptetes 4 pounds; Table

Clothes & napkines 1 pound 14 shillings; His woole and yearne 4 pounds 10 shillings;

All his bookes 10 pounds; All his weareing apparrell 7 pounds; His purse seale &

monie 2 pounds; Mattockes shovelles barr of Iron and all other implementes not

before praised 2 pounds 5 shillings.

Total 229 pounds 3 shillings 4 pence

Signatures of George Browning and John Meddon [on one only of the two extant copies cited by Cash (see Bibliography).


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