1840 Milton Damerel Tithe Apportionments

What follows is a list of the Landowners and the Occupiers of their land followed by the Quantity in Statute Measure in Acres (A) Rods (R) and Perches (P) and finally, where applicable, the Rent Charge Payable to the Rector in Pounds (£) Shillings (s) and Pence (d).

The total area described is 4252A35P with a rent charge payable of 325£.  This includes Rivers which cover 29A2R11P and the West Wandford Commons 9A18P and Public Roads 41A2R39P.

Allin, Thomas:  John Cooper and others 17P; Himself and others 36P; Himself 14P; William Dennis 3R4P (3s10d)

Ashton, Samuel:  Himself 1A2R19P (2s2d)

Bassett, John:  William Haydon 54A1R23P (5£4d) and 3R1P

Blake, John:  Himself 1A21P (3s10d)

Buck, Lewis William Esq.:  Richard Hill 186A2R30P (10£); John Giffard 20A2R1P (1£9s6d)

Callon, William Esq,:  Hugh King 26A26P (1£8s)

Clack, Rev Thomas (Glebe):  William Ward 85A3R36P (10£); Church and Yard 3R24P

Cole, John:  Robert Hutchings 202A38P (15£1s3d); John Mountjoy 1R

Copplestone, Rev. John Gains:  Himself  31A3R18P (1£6s8d); Himself  5P; John Blake  88A1R14P      (6£4s5d);  Himself 2A3R6P (6s10d); Francis Fishleigh 101A3R37P  (13£3d); John Fishleigh 40A2R34P (2£13s4d); John Squire 2A1R14P (3s9d); James Fishleigh 1A3R25P (4s8d); John Balton 3A1R6P (6s3d); Richard Squire and others 4A11P (13s4d); Thomas Mounce and others 1A11P (2s8d); Richard Manning and others 1R12P; John Hutchings and others 3R24P (2s8d)

Devon, The Earl of: George Hill  183A1R10P (8£19s9d); Thomas Mounce 4A10P (7s4d); Francis Ayre 1R17P (1s6d); Emanuel Sanders 36P; Hugh Oxenham 3R2P (1s6p); Harris and Osborn 1R29P; Samuel Hopper 2R4P (1s6d); Samuel Sanders 1R38P (1s6d); William Lock 2R2P (1s7d); William Thorn 1R13P (1s6d); John Slade 25P; John Hancock 16P; Philip Gorrell 14P; Rachel Hancock 9P; Allin and Sons 19P; John Horn 24P; John Shepherd 15P; Elizabeth Fishleigh 1R8P (6d); William Brook 16P; Samuel Glover 26P; Richard Nichols and others 2R18P (9d); James Yeo 29P; William Trewin 2R16P (1s6d); James Fishleigh 1R2P (6d); William Saunders 35P; John Stocker 18P; Hatton Rattenbury 1R34P (1s6d); George Manning 27P.

Fishleigh, Arthur:  Himself 52A2R21P (5£4d)

Fishleigh, Francis:  Himself 22A1R20P (1£14s11d)

Fishleigh, John:  Himself 16A3R32P (1£2s6d); Richard Quance 39A1R26P (3£14s4d)

Fishleigh, John and Frances Elizabeth Spenser:  John Fishleigh and others 1A1R35P

Fulford, Richard: Thomas Ridge 17P; Himself 35A3R9P (4£13s2d); John Saunders 36A1R6P           (3£2s6d)

Fulford, William: Himself 66A2R30P (4£15s3d) and 38A1R36P (3£19s3d); Philip Beale 1R35P (6d); Hugh Hopper 7A2R13P (11s8d); Joseph Jenkin 31A31P (1£16s4d); Himself and Arthur Lang 10A19P (1£1s6d); Himself and others: 4A3R36P (7s7d); Leonard Gerry 33P; James Dameral 1A1R35P (5s6d); William Petrock 1R.

Hearn, Hermy:  William Penhale 57A3R2P (6£3s)

Hoskyn, John Esq.: George Harris 46A27P (2£17s11d)

Jeffery, John:  John Gorvett 48A2R21P (3£10s)

Jordan, William: Thomas Ching 36A2R7P (2£1s9d)

Kingdon, Richard Thomas:  John Jollow 97A2R28P (7£7d)

Langdon, Eliza:  Herself 1A2R37P (2s3d)

Molesworth, Sir William Bart.: Thomas Bromell 15A3R (1£10s2d); Philip Cole 72A1R12P (4£7s)

Moore, Thomas: Richard Cole 48A19P (3£13s6d); Himself 8A1R24P (11s7d)

Moore, James: Himself 41A34P (3£15s6d)

Palmour, Edmund: Himself  17A1P (1£11s4d); 31A37P (2£6d); 19A3R14P (1£)

Rattenbury, Wiliam:  Himself 116A (12£4s8d); Thomas Courtice 23P (3d); Joseph Elliott 21P (3d); Unoccupied 29P (4d); Matthew Venton 1R (6d); Emanuel Saunders 23 P; Hugh Oxenham 3A18P (7s3d); William Ayre 8P

Reed, Thomas: John Priest 141A1R16P (13£3s11d); Samuel Daniel 72A2R11P (5£7s2d); Leonard Fishleigh 7A1R31P (10s10d); Peter Saunders 37A35P (3£1s4d); Bartholomew Fishleigh 33A1R15P (3£1s10d); Mary Walter 1R26P (1s6d); Himself 2A1R33P (2d) and 2A1R11P; John Skinner 9P; Jorn Furzey 14P; William Horn 10P

Saunders, Richard:  Himself 52A14P (2£7s9d); Richard Fulford 59A1R1P (8£3s8d) and 44A3R22P         (1£19s6d); Samuel Skinner 31A2R19P (2£15s6d)

Snell, Thomas: Himself 11A3R15P (1s); William Parish 33A1R6P (1£15s); John Slade 20A1R22P               (1£12s6d)

Spenser, Frances Elizabeth:  Richard Quance 19A3R27P (1£17s6d); Joseph Jenkin 24A2R15P                 (1£15s9d);  Hugh Hopper 32A14P (2£9s9d) and 9A2R15P (11s1d); Thomas Penhale 4A3R19P (9s11d); John Saunders 27A2R13P (2£13s3d); Peter Saunders 26A2R19P (2£10s8d)

Stanhope, Earl:  Himself 40A1R2P (3£9s4d); John Braund 258A1R22P (21£5s8d); William Braund 16A2R3P (2£4s6d); Hatton Rattenbury 10A3R20P (1£4s10d) and 3P;  Overseers of the Poor 2P; Unoccupied 11P; Elizabeth Edgecombe 12P; John Harris 17P; Unoccupied 21 P;  William Dennis 122A1R7P (8£17s2d);  Henry Hill 90A2R34P (6£10s6d);  Peter Hancock 15A1R16P (1£11s11d); John Bear 29A1R4P (2£1d); Mary Skinner 7A39P (8s3d); John Beer 3A3R1P (8s1d); Thomas Dunn 10A3R19P (11s); Thomas Saunders 26P; William Daniel 35P; Joseph Jenkins 35A3R15P (1£14s11d); George Braund 6A2R17P (6s7d); James Thomas 3A3R7P (6s2d)

Tapley, Hubert, George and Charles:  William Ward 106A11P (11£5s9d); Themselves 1A10P (3s11d)

Tickle, John Arscott Esquire:  John Jeffery 347A1R34P (23£1s4d)

Walter, Rev Richard:  George Harris 99A1R9P (5£17s10d); Thomas Bromell 45A14P (2£18s8d); William Paige 2R26P (1s3d); Grace Paige 12P; Sarah Stacey 1R34P (1s2d)

Walter, John:  Himself 8A32P (17s3d)


One Response to “1840 Milton Damerel Tithe Apportionments”

  1. Barry Lambert Says:

    Don, I think it would be useful to explain Acres, Rods and Perches.
    40 (square) poles (or perches) = 1 rod (or rood)
    4 roods = 1 acre.
    When I was a kid in England these were amongst the units printed on the back of school exercise books although nobody used any of them except acres then.
    To convert to square metres, see: http://www.realserve.com.au/Calculator/Calculator-Acre%20Rood%20Perch.htm

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