04. How are the Grawley Fishleighs related to Jane & Bartholomew?

Since the plaque tells us that Bartholomew is buried directly in front of the plaque and since that is where the Grawley Fishleighs burials are located I believe it is reasonable to assume that there is a close family connection. What evidence is there to support this hypothesis?

John and Mary

The grave of John and Mary of Grawley

If Yeoman John of Grawley was 76 years of age in 1874, as his memorial says, he would most likely have been baptized in 1797 or 1798. But before we look for a baptism let’s use the census records to see where John was born.

In 1841 we find John at Grawley with an eleven year old George. He is apparently a widower. In 1851 we find John at Grawley with his second wife Mary and George, now 21, and John 6, and Mary Grace 1. We learn that John, the father, was born in Milton Damerel. This was confirmed in 1861 and 1871 as well. So we now know that it is very likely in the Milton Damerel parish register that we should be looking for his baptism. The ages stated in the census are  fairly consistent.  The 1871 census says that John was once again a widower, 72 years of age.  This is consistent with 1861 where he was 63 and 1851 where he was 52. So this evidence adds to the liklihood that John was born in 1797 or 1798 at Milton Damerel and that it was in this parish that we should look for his baptism.

There were three baptisms of John Fishleighs in Milton Damerel to consider as follows:

13 May 1798 son of Leonard and Grace

3 June 1798 son of John and Elizabeth

29 Dec 1799 son of Leonard and Grace

It appears that the first of the three died in infancy although there is no surviving burial record. (Is that an oxymoron?)  The second of the three, the son of John and Elizabeth, I have traced to his premature death as a young adult (and with an unusual memorial) in Newton St Petrock. His parents were John Fishleigh (son of Jane and Bartholomew) and Elizabeth Fulford. The third is most certainly John of Grawley who married two Marys and outlived them both.  His parents, Leonard and Grace were married at Milton Damerel on 9 April 1797. Grace was also a Fishleigh. (Let’s make it as complicated as possible while we are at it.)

So the question still remains. How were Leonard or Grace related to Jane and Bartholomew?  It appears that Jane & Bartholomew’s son Leonard is the link.

Did Jane and Bartholomew’s son Leonard who was baptized in 1754 marry Grace Fishleigh when he was 43 years of age?  Leonard and Grace had four children: John (1798), John (1799), George (1801) and Dolly (1803)?

Or was Grace the link to Jane and Bartholomew?  She was the daughter of Leonard Fishleigh and Elizabeth Fursey who married at Milton Damerel 2 February 1770.  Grace was  baptized 2 Feb 1771 at Milton Damerel.  If Grace  were our link it would mean that her father Leonard, if he were the son of Jane and Bartholomew would have been about 16 years of age when he married Elizabeth Fursey.

Did Leonard, son of Jane and Bartholomew, wait until he was 43 years of age to marry?  There is no evidence, so far, to suggest otherwise.

When John Fishleigh, yeoman of Grawley died he left a daughter, Mary Grace, who was then 25 years of age. Mary Grace soon married Frederick George Perkin Sanders. They stayed on at Grawley for a time where he carried on his trade as tailor. By the 1881 census Mary Grace and Frederick had two children. Frederick was the enumerator for Milton Damerel that year.  Here is his handwritten description of the enumeration district he covered:

East Part of the Parish of Milton Damerell in 1840

Frederick the Enumerator’s Route in 1881

This was the east side of the parish or Holsworthy District 2D which Frederick describes as follows: “East Part of  the Parish of Milton Damerell leading from Withpool Bridge, to Fishpool Bridge and from that by the Lake to Little Derworthy, including Gratton, Hill Head, Hancock’s Fishpool, Strawberry Bank, Mount Pleasant, Herrin Street, Gidcott Downs, Gidcott, Chapel Gidcott, Halsapark, Gitcott Mill, Morcombs, Pipers Gidcott, Oxenpark, Brocks House, Gidcott Cross, New House, South and North Grawley, Knots Wood, Buttermoor, North and South Wallands, West Bridge, High and Lower Woodford Bridge, Woodford Bridge, Lane, Sanders Cott, Fishleys Cott, Parsonage Hill, Woodford, Ireland, Whitebear and Late Walters Kiteber, and Ley.

Milton Damerel had two districts in 1881. The second (Holsworthy 3B) was enumerated by James Vivian who covered that part of the enumeration district bounded by a road leading from Withy-pool Bridge to Fish-pool Bridge including Milton Town, Milton Mill, North Town, West Wanford, East Wanford, Down, Holsworthy Beacon, Cross, Waldon, Venn Green, Highbulliedy,(?), Noplace, Parsonage, Worden, Derworthy Lane, Derworthy, Venn, Venn Cottage, Littlejohns Cottage.


Frederick and Mary Grace were buried at the Methodist Chapel.

Mary Grace and Frederick had seven children between 1877 and 1890. When Frederick died in 1906 the family were living at Tor View.


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