1741 Milton Damerell Freeholders

William Bassett

Francis Fishleigh

John Rattenbury

William Rattenbury

Richard Sloeman

William Smale


3 Responses to “1741 Milton Damerell Freeholders”

  1. Barry Lambert Says:

    GENUKI Devon volunteers have transcribed the Devon Freeholders books from 1711 to 1780. The only Fishleigh (including variant spellings) listed for Milton Damerel is Francis, as a leaseholder, from 1742 to 1766 and as a freeholder in 1767. Although he could have bought the freehold, I suspect the last was an erroneous entry in the original or the transcription.

    The only other Fishleighs were in Milton Damerel; Robert was a leaseholder from 1738 to 1747 (probably father and son, based on the known burial date for the father) and Leonard (also a son of the older Robert) in 1749 (there were no entries for 1748).

  2. Judy Says:

    Wonderful website, so informative. You have worked so hard on this. Thank you so much
    Judy – Australia

  3. Barbara Cross Says:

    What amazing research. On my side I have Grace Fishleigh who married William Lock and on my husband’s side Eleanor Fishleigh who married Thomas Oke. I have traced the OKE side but have little on the FISHLEIGH. I have wondered if Grace and Eleanor were related.

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